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32 count Bottle

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Completely guaranteed up through expiration.

  • 32 capsules will last 16 weeks (when taking two per week).
  • Can be stored at room temperature for 4 months (and 2 years if the product is kept refrigerated).
  • Fast Acting Formulation that restores Intestinal Health and REGULARITY.

TruFlora™ combines powerful fiber-digesting enzymes probiotic strains in a formula that can be used on its own or alternated with other probiotics to enhance the overall effectiveness of the probiotic.  When used alone, TruFlora™ makes its home in intestinal contents – the food that resides in the small intestine and waste that resides in the colon) and hinders control by harmful microorganisms after they are first ingested.  When TruFlora™ is used with probiotics, especially those that inhabit intestinal surfaces, TruFlora™ generates an Internal Probiotic Culture (IPC) in which both contents and surfaces are colonized.

TruFlora™ provides > 12 billion probiotic CFU and > 1400 units of betaglucan digesting power – delivering it deep into the intestinal tract.  This wields vigorous probiotic action. For one, the probiotics generate bio-cleansing quantities of lactic acid; additionally, the enzymes digest betaglucans that makeup cell walls of Candida yeast and additional microorganisms. The result is quicker recovery and a faster recovery of normal bowel function and regularity.

PATENTED FORMULATION: Ensuring that probiotics and enzymes make it through the acidic stomach intact and into the intestinal tract ALIVE is essential to getting the most out of their ability to eradicate harmful microorganisms such as Candida. TruFlora™ uses buffered alginate-gel technology protected by U.S. patents 7,122,370 and 7,229,818.

Other Names But All the Same…Candidiasis, Candida, Yeast Infection, or “Thrush”.

Candidiasis refers to an infection that happens when yeast cells are allowed to dominate our bodies because of a lack of probiotics – or beneficial bacteria. One of the ways that beneficial bacteria are depleted is through the use of antibiotic treatments. And once this bacteria – normally found in the gut – is depleted, Candida can quickly follow. So what can we do to replenish bacteria and prevent Candida?

Frequently Asked Questions About TruFlora™ Probiotic

How does TruFlora™ differ from other probiotics?

TruFlora™ provides three unique probiotic strains and two cell-wall digesting enzymes that work in conjunction with each other in the G.I. tract to quickly impede undesirable food-borne microorganisms as they are ingested. For instance, if you can stop harmful microorganisms such as Salmonella, E. coli, and Candida before they inhabit the intestinal tract you can prevent reactions that can make us so sick. The effect of TruFlora™ is bolstered by its patented method of delivery – ensuring viable transport of its active ingredients through inhospitable stomach acidity (Remember, most probiotics suffer >99% destruction in the stomach!).

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Can TruFlora™ Probiotic hinder Candida?

Yes. Laboratory tests conducted by third parties have demonstrated how TruFlora™ can impede the growth of Candida. In fact, when species of Candida yeast are inoculated on a Petri dish along with TruFlora™, the growth of Candida is repressed. How well this works in living organisms is dependent upon what combination therapies – such as dietary restrictions and anti-fungal compounds – are used. It is important to consult a naturopathic doctor or health care professional for advice on the most effective integrated therapies.

TruFlora™ hinders Candida in two ways:

  1. The cell-wall digesting enzymes in TruFlora™ can break down betaglucans, the primary structural carbohydrates in Candida. However, unlike other enzyme products that claim effectiveness in this area, TruFlora™ does it most effectively by using the enzymes BETAGLUCANASE and HEMICELLULASE.
  2. The three probiotic strains in TruFlora™ quickly produce lactic acid in the food being ingested as it moves through the small intestine. The lactic acid stops the growth of Candida.

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Can TruFlora™ help in cases of suspected food poisoning?

When TruFlora™ is consumed at a high enough dose immediately following the ingestion of contaminated food it can often minimize the effects of food poisoning.* Even if it is taken anytime later it may still provide some benefit for reducing symptoms. TruFlora™ acts as in A#2 above but also by directly competing with undesirable microorganisms for nutrients – or C.E., for competitive exclusion. For instance, Salmonella does not fare well competing against TruFlora’s probiotics on a Petri dish.

NOTE: If you suspect that you have eaten food that contains food-poisoning microorganisms immediately do the following: Take one (1) TruFlora™ capsule every two (2) hours (up to 12 capsules in 24 hours) and then follow with two (2) capsules every day for 10 days.

*Exceptions: Food that is heavily contaminated with food poisoning microorganisms or microbial toxins can cause food poisoning that cannot be prevented, no matter the dose of probiotics taken. However, taking probiotics in these situations can speed up recovery time.

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Can TruFlora™ help minimize diarrhea associated with antibiotics?

Yes. The taking of broad-spectrum antibiotics can cause diarrhea in up to 25% of patients because – as they kill the disease-causing organisms that are their target – they also kill beneficial microorganisms in the process. To ensure that diarrhea does not become chronic, the patient must replace the beneficial flora with probiotics. TruFlora™ can be taken during antibiotic therapy but the patient must wait at least 3 hours between the antibiotic and the probiotic. When antibiotic therapy is complete, continue taking one or two TruFlora™ capsules each day for 30 days.

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Can TruFlora™ be taken in conjunction with other probiotics?

Yes, TruFlora™ can be taken in conjunction with other probiotics or alternated with other probiotics. In fact, alternating probiotics enhance their overall effectiveness by increasing the biodiversity of beneficial strains in the G.I. tract. Those doctors who are treating diseases that require multiple antibiotics (Lyme Disease, for example) often recommend that more than one probiotic brand be taken together or alternated. When alternating TruFlora™ with another probiotic make sure the second probiotic contains different strains. Theralac is a good choice since its three Lactobacillus and two Bifidobacterium strains adhere to intestinal epithelial cells (intestinal soft lining) resulting in surface colonization that complements TruFlora’s ability to inhabit intestinal contents.

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Can TruFlora™ be helped by such things as soluble fiber or other prebiotics?

Yes. While TruFlora™ is effective alone – as it is a very powerful probiotic that utilizes 3 + 2 BIO-CLEANSING technology (3 probiotics + 2 enzymes), its probiotic activity can be increased up to two times by prebiotics such as soluble fiber products. This can make the usage of TruFlora™ quite economical as you reduce the REGULAR DOSE from two (2) capsules to one (1) capsule weekly or the INTENSIVE DOSE from one (1) capsule daily to one capsule every other day.

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What is the best prebiotic to take in conjunction with TruFlora™?

A new prebiotic that dissolves easily with no grit, taste, or thickening, TruFiber contains inulin, partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG), and four fiber-digesting enzymes. It represents an amazing advancement in prebiotics; one 3.6 gram serving delivers 14 % of the daily value for fiber and doubles the activity of probiotics such as Theralac and TruFlora™. TruFiber is clinically proven to show an improvement in regularity.

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How are the probiotic species in TruFlora™ special? And what are they specifically?

There are three probiotic species in TruFlora™ – Bacillus coagulans (BC-705) or Lactobacillus sporogenes, Lactobacillus Plantarum (LP-29), and Lactobacillus salivarius (LS-30). These three probiotics are present at a total viable plate count of 12 billion CFU/capsule and are guaranteed through expiration (TruFlora™ is formulated > 24 billion CFU/capsule). These probiotics inhabit food in the small intestine and waste in the colon (intestinal content) including niches and crevices where intestinal movement is slow. All three probiotics demonstrate strong lactic acid-producing ACTIVITY; each lot of TruFlora™ is tested for activity.

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Is TruFlora™ an appropriate probiotic to take when traveling and how long can it be stored without refrigeration?

Yes, TruFlora™ is a great probiotic to take when traveling. By inhabiting the intestinal contents, TruFlora’s probiotic strains can impede the growth of many types of undesirable bacteria that are present in contaminated food or water at the time they are ingested. Typically, traveler’s diarrhea is usually caused by regional E. coli strains to which locals are immune to but that cause diarrhea in visitors. Studies performed in Petri dishes confirm that TruFlora’s probiotic strains impede many E. coli strains as well as an extensive variety of other undesirable bacteria and yeast. Additionally, TruFlora™ contains probiotic strains that are quite stable at room temperatures (65-75 F) and can be stored at these temperatures for up to 4 months.

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What is the patented delivery system that delivers the probiotics and enzymes in TruFlora™ through the acidic stomach and into the small intestine intact?

The new TruFlora™ formula – as with Theralac, formula – is protected by a natural carbohydrate from a seaweed known as sodium alginate that creates a protective buffered-gel around the probiotics when they enter the stomach. This gel stays intact, forming a protective barrier around the sensitive probiotics and enzymes until it reaches the small intestine where the probiotics and enzymes are released unharmed and intact. The TruFlora™ formula is protected by U.S. Patents 7,122,370 and 7, 229, 818.

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Can TruFlora™ still be taken by children or adults who are not able to swallow capsules?

Yes. Simply open the capsule and fold the contents into yogurt, applesauce, or mashed banana. Do not mix the capsule contents with these substances; folding it in is essential. As a result, small, tasteless lumps will form that maintain most of the patented acid-proof protection – an important part of the process as it ensures effective delivery of the probiotics and enzymes through the stomach acid.

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Does TruFlora™ include any allergens in the eight groups that are now recognized by the FDA?

No, it does not. TruFlora™ does not contain Eggs, Gluten, Yeast, Peanuts, Soy, Shell Fish, Corn, Milk, Casein, or Animal Products. There are only three, food-grade, inert, stabilizing ingredients that are present: Cellulose, silica, and magnesium stearate (vegetable source).

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Does TruFlora™ need to be refrigerated?

All probiotics require refrigeration! However, TruFlora™ can be stored at room temperature (approx. 65-75 F) for up to 4 months and still meet label guarantees. This is because TruFlora™ is packaged under Totally Inert Packaging (T.I.P.™) conditions in amber glass bottles that contain moisture and oxygen absorption packets, inert wadding, a sterile nitrogen flush, and double-neck seals. To meet label guarantees through expiration, it is important to refrigerate and do not store at room temperature for more than 4 months. However, TruFlora™ can be stored for an indefinite period of time (7 years +) if frozen (at –10 F or colder)

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Why Make a Purchase of TruFlora?

An exceptional value, TruFlora™ is not an entirely new concept. Some of the reasons to choose TruFlora™ include:

  1. Patented alginate delivery ensures that live organisms make it intact through the stomach acid – this is vital for effectiveness.
  2. It is a great value at $34.95 – a four-month supply when 2 capsules are taken per week.
  3. An analysis is published online by lot number by a Third Party Independent source.
  4. Probiotics inhabit the intestinal contents, attacking pathogenic bacteria.
  5. Contains two ingredients – betaglucanase and hemicellulase – that break down the betaglucans in Candida.
  6. There are activity tests that are performed on each lot to demonstrate how much lactic acid is produced.
  7. 12 billion CFU are guaranteed at expiration. The last lot is tested at 40 billion CFU.
  8. Can be used alternatively with Theralac for increased biodiversity.
  9. BioCleansing formulation to improve intestinal health.