MesoSilver® Antifungal/Antibacterial Disinfecting Spray


Use in the kitchen, bathroom and childrens room to disinfect hard surfaces, towels, sheets, pillow cases and clothing to prevent the spread of infectious microbes.

  • Smallest Silver Nanoparticles
  • Highest Particle Surface Area
  • Maximum Effectiveness
  • 30 ppm Concentration


About MesoSilver Antifungal/Antibacterial Disinfecting Spray

Mesosilver® – Antifungal/Antibacterial Disinfecting Spray is effective against all kinds of bacterial and fungal pathogens on towels, clothing, and footgear that cause ringworm, athlete foot, and other infections.

The spray contains an all-natural nanoparticle silver that kills bacteria and fungus (see the bacteriology studies). It’s made using the highest purity, sterile reagent grade deionized water and contains high purity 0.9999 silver and deionized water. Concentration: 30 ppm total silver. This spray is totally nontoxic, no adverse side effects have ever been reported.

NOTE: While using this spray topically is perfectly safe because of its non-toxic properties, use sparingly on light colors as it can possibly stain the material.