A Comparison of Therapeutic Probiotic Dose (TPD)

Therapeutic Probiotic Dose (TPD) is based on the Colony Forming Units (CFU) count of 10 Billion.

A Definition of CFU: One or more, and sometimes many, bacterial cells that grow into a visible colony on a Petri dish containing the appropriate agar for the microorganism that is being tested. One colony translates to one CFU. For example, 1 CFU may contain 20 bacterial cells or just one cell.

Because many probiotic products are eliminated in the acid of the stomach, the therapeutic dose can be significantly less than the advertised CFU. The chart below compares the Therapeutic Probiotic Dose of Theralac to that of several other probiotic products that are now available on the market.

ProductTotal CFU (Billion)Retail Cost# CapsulesQuantity Per DayCost Per DayTPD 10BCost
% Lost In Stomach AcidCost After Stomach Acid Loss
Product A60$44.90302$2.9912$0.2590%$2.49
Product B1$13.50301$0.450.1$4.505%$4.74
Product C30$22.47141$1.613$0.5490%$5.35
Product DNo CFU Listed$15.451801$0.090N/AN/AN/A
Product ENo CFU Listed$49.95603$2.500N/AN/AN/A
Product FNo CFU Listed$54.55903$1.820N/AN/AN/A
Product GNo CFU Listed$23.16301$0.770N/AN/AN/A

Where there is no CFU listed, total bacteria counts are often given. However this can be very misleading. Therefore, it is advisable to buy only those products that reference the scientifically accepted terminology of CFU.

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