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ENZALASE® - An Enzyme Supplement that Lessens Indigestion and Supports Probiotics

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As we age, changes take place in our digestive tract; food begins to move more sluggishly through the digestive process because our body produces fewer digestive enzymes with age. As a result we experience such symptoms as bloating, flatulence and a feeling of fullness that does not easily go away. Enzalese, however, contains 12 high potency enzymes that work in conjunction with each other to prevent indigestion by elevating the body’s digestive capabilities

Further, Enzalase stimulates and supports probiotics with bifidogenic enzymes that release soluble fiber; active probiotics further minimize indigestion. Enzalase has the highest fat digesting activity – or LIPASE - at 6000 FIP units per capsule as compared to other enzyme supplements. And, since fat slows down other digestive enzymes, having high levels of lipase is critical to improving total food digestion. All of the enzymes in Enzalase can be delivered safely into the intestinal tract because they are protected from stomach acid by a buffered biogel. (Patent Pending).

What is Enzalase?

Enzalase embodies the latest model of digestive enzyme supplements. The 12 powerful enzymes in Enzalase are balance-formulated to improve our ability to digest all major types of food while, at the same time, promoting probiotic bacteria (three patents pending).

Digestive Enzymes

Contained in Enzalase are guaranteed activity levels of the 12 most important digestive enzymes. And only FDA-approved G.R.A.S. enzymes that originate from plants. Contained in each Enzalase capsule are:

Alpha-amylase 5,000 SKB
Alpha-Galactosidase 165 GalU
Bromelain Protease 150 GDU
Cellulase 3,000 CU
Glucoamylase 5 AG
Hemicellulase 6,400 HCU
Invertase 400 SU
Lactase 500 ALU
LIPASE 6,000 FIP Lipase Units
Neutral Protease 5,800 HU
Papain Protease 42,500 TU
Pectinase 7,500 ADJU

Only one capsule per meal is required due to the potency of Enzalase. Enzalase comes packaged in amber glass bottles that contain 40 size "0" Vcaps.

Stimulation OF Probiotics

Enzalase works to stimulate probiotic bacteria in two ways: 1) Its carbohydrate enzymes and high strength lipase and protease work on food in such a way that cobiotics are produced. Cobiotics are fatty acids, amino acids, and simple sugars that nourish Lactobacillus probiotics in the small intestine. 2) Its high strength fiber-digesting hemicellulase, cellulase, and pectinase enzymes separate soluble fiber prebiotics from insoluble fiber; fiber that are both found in fruits, vegetables, and grains. This separation of fiber allows these important prebiotics to more effectively nourish Bifidobacterium probiotics in the large intestine. This entire reaction takes place within your body when you take one (1) high potency Enzalase capsule prior to a meal. Enzalase enhances the effectiveness of probiotics and can make the difference between probiotics working or not working for many users (Patent Pending).

Enzalase has been designed in such a way that it works best with Theralac brand probiotics.

Acid-Proof Formulation

Many digestive enzymes are changed dramatically by stomach acid and subsequently lose considerable strength prior to reaching the small intestine. Lactase, bromelain, papain, invertase, and lipase are examples of enzymes that are sensitive to enzymes. Enzalase, however, is created through a unique process that allows an acid-resistant gel to develop around the enzymes in the stomach; but it quickly dissolves in the small intestine releasing the enzymes unharmed and ensuring that they are active in the intestinal tract (Patent Pending)

High LIPASE Activity

Lipase is the enzyme that orchestrates fat digestion. Enzalase contains 6,000 FIP units of lipase activity. Vital lipase activity augments the effectiveness of the other digestive enzymes contained in Enzalase by eliminating fat from the food mixture known as chyme when it exits the stomach and enters the small intestine. Fat-free chyme is a more available medium for the carbohydrate and protein digesting enzymes and increases their valuable activity. Lipase is a very expensive enzyme; contrast Enzalase’s lipase content with the content included in other enzyme supplements and you’ll see a striking difference.


EnzaStim is a food grade fat-emulsifier that is one of its kind – and it’s only found in Enzalase (Patent Pending). When chyme enters the small intestine, fat emulsification depends on the presence of adequate bile. Fats must first be emulsified before they are digested by lipase. EnzaStim® helps ensure that this process happens.


Enzalase is packaged using Totally Inert Packaging – or T.I.P.®; the product is packaged in amber glass bottles that are double sealed with both oxygen and moisture absorption packets to ensure stability and maximum shelf-life. Further, a special low-moisture, immobile wadding is placed inside the bottles in order to prevent capsule movement and subsequent damage. Refrigerated storage is recommended, although Enzalase can be stored at room temperature for up to 2 months with no loss of activity. When stored at room temperature, enzyme supplements can typically lose 1-2% of their activity each month; and those enzyme supplements that are packaged in inexpensive plastic bottles can lose up to 5% per month. Digestive enzymes are sensitive proteins and they are perishable; don't let marketing executives tell you any different!

Why Digestive Enzymes Are Important

Digestive Enzymes are responsible for breaking down and digesting the food we eat – allowing the nutrients within that food to be absorbed and assimilated by our body. These enzymes are produced in the stomach, small intestine, and pancreas and are a significant part of the digestive process, allowing us to convert food to nutrients. However, as we age our ability to produce these digestive enzymes decreases by 1-2% per year; the result is a corresponding loss in our ability to process food. A 45 year old man, for example, has 20-40% of the digestive aptitude that he had at the age of 25. But the decrease in digestive enzymes is not exclusive to older people. Younger people can suffer from a deficiency of digestive enzymes as a result of dietary, genetic, and environmental conditions. Most autistic children, for example, tend to have a severe deficiency of digestive enzymes. The symptoms that result from such a deficiency include heartburn, excessive gas, fatigue following eating, and a feeling of fullness that does not easily go away. Additionally, a deficiency of digestive enzymes can result in elimination problems such as constipation or diarrhea, as food that is not properly digested will not be appropriately eliminated. Supplementing a diet with digestive enzymes can be critical in maintaining optimum health. After all, the health of a body – good or bad - does begin in the gut.

Critical Digestive Enzymes

Three families of enzymes are responsible for digestion: Proteases are responsible for digesting proteins, amylases are responsible for digesting carbohydrates, and lipases are responsible for digesting fats. These digestive enzymes are known as the BIG THREE and they must be present every time we eat or the digestive process is not able to start. In fact, enzyme activity starts in the mouth where alpha-amylase begins digesting related carbohydrates and starches, increases in the stomach where pepsin and hydrochloric acid start digesting proteins, and increases still further in the small intestine where bicarbonate counteracts acidity and pancreatic enzymes are discharged.

As a result, as the food moves further into the intestinal tract, more specialized enzymes are secreted such as: Invertase which digests table sugar (sucrose), Lactase which digests milk sugar (lactose), and Alpha-Galactosidase which digests gassy carbohydrates such as those found in cabbage, broccoli, and beans. The fiber digesting enzymes - Cellulase, hemicellulase and pectinase – are a separate family of enzymes that tend to be forgotten. That’s because, unlike the other enzymes, the human body does not produce fiber digesting enzymes. Rather, supplementing the diet with fiber digesting enzymes helps to stimulate Bifidobacteria probiotics so that they can more effectively inhabit the intestinal tract. These fiber digesting enzymes are bifidogenic and they can help with the conversion of whole foods into more effective enhancers of probiotics (Patent Pending).

Digestive Care

ENZALASE supports intestinal health:

ENZALASE® promotes intestinal health:

  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Regularity
  • Probiotic Activity
  • Energy

3 Patents Pending
Digestive System Enzymes

ENZALASE® works:

ENZALASE® enzymes are acid-proof. They make it through the stomach unharmed (patent pending).
Acid Proof Image
ENZALASE® protein and carbohydrate group enzymes assist digestion deep in the small intestine.
ENZALASE's high lipase content boosts the activity of other digestive enzymes by removing fat that interferes with their activity.
ENZSTIM® helps lipase work better by emulsifying fat.
In the colon, ENZALASE's fiber digesting enzymes help release prebiotic sugars and soluble fiber (like FOS) that stimulate your probiotic microflora.

How ENZALASE works:

ENZALASE enzymes are acid-proof. They travel through the stomach unharmed and intact (patent pending).
ENZALASE carbohydrate and protein group enzymes help digestion deep in the small intestine.
ENZALASE's high lipase content enhances the activity of other digestive enzymes by eradicating fat that interferes with their activity.
ENZSTIM assists lipase in working better by emulsifying fat.

In the colon, ENZALASE's fiber digesting enzymes help release prebiotic sugars and soluble fiber (like FOS) that stimulate your probiotic microflora.

Consider this...

In the human body we use over 100,000 enzymes; but only about a dozen of these enzymes are responsible for digesting the food that we eat. Through the aging process, the production of digestive enzymes in the body decreases by 1 to 2 percent per year. Additionally, aging also results in decreasing numbers of beneficial probiotic bacteria in our intestinal tract. For young people, numbers can decrease due to genetic, dietary, and environmental dietary factors.

By taking ENZALASE, an enzyme master supplement, you can rejuvenate your digestive system with 12 high potency digestive enzymes. Take ENZALASE in order to improve digestion and overall health - and to stimulate your probiotic microflora.


Aside from minimizing indigestion and supporting probiotics, Enzalase offers excellent value because it delivers:

  1. Enzymes to support digestion all 4 major food groups
  2. Patented alginate delivery to deliver all enzymes intact and at full strength through stomach acid
  3. High lipase that removes the fat coating of food and allowing other enzymes to give maximum results
  4. High cellulose digesting enzymes to extract prebiotics from the diet to stimulate probiotics
  5. All enzymes derive from plant origins and include a veggie capsule exterior
  6. Provides systemic anti-inflammatory support when taken on an empty stomach
  7. When taken on an empty stomach helps to break down material that still exists in the colon
  8. Potent enzymes can be taken with the largest meal, rather than with every meal 4-5 times a week
  9. Offers a terrific value when compared with other quality enzyme products

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