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THE DIFFERENCE OF Theralac’s Natural Acid-Proof Formula

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The following images are taken directly from the Therabiotics U.S. patent application for acid-proofing probiotic bacteria. The advantage of acid-proof probiotics is marked. These probiotics are able to survive exposure to stomach acid, which means they arrive in the small intestine at their full strength. Scientific studies have shown that greater than 99% of unprotected probiotics are killed when they are subjected to stomach acid (pH 1.6) for one hour, which is the typical time spent in the stomach. Probiotics that are unprotected are extremely ineffective in the intestinal tract!

Theralac uses a patented process to protect its probiotics. This process involves blending the probiotic bacteria with sodium alginate (from seaweed) and grape skin extract (Antioxidant/Buffer). This is inherently different and much safer than enteric coated formulations that use derivatives of acrylic acid (a synthetic chemical). Theralac contains only all natural, food-grade and fully digestible substances!

THE Exposure Test

A gel structure at pH 1.6 is shown in the photo to the right. In the picture, the outer cellulose Vegicap has dissolved and a protective gel has formed in the approximate shape of the original capsule. The visible red coloration is from the grape skin extract that acts as a protective buffer. A gel structure at pH 1.6
Inside the gel structure Inside the gel structure (which has been broken open to illustrate the difference), the substances remain dry and maintain a higher pH to protect the probiotic bacteria as they pass through the stomach. The lavender color of the inside contents indicates a higher pH. Grape skin extract turns lavender at pH > 4.0.

TESTING Intestinal Environment Exposure

Depicted below is a flask that was photographed immediately and at 5 minutes and 30 minutes after adding the gel structures. This simulates what happens when protected Theralac capsules pass from the stomach into the small intestine (duodenum). It can clearly be seen that the gel readily dissolves and disperses at pH 7.5. Once this occurs, the probiotic bacteria are released unharmed.

In the photo the right, is a flask that contains simulated intestinal juice at pH 7.5 and two Theralac gel structures. Intestinal Environment Exposure Test

Gel structure at pH 7.5 The flask at left contains simulated intestinal juice at pH 7.5 and two Theralac gel structures after 5 minutes of exposure.

This image to the right shows a flask that contains simulated intestinal juice at pH 7.5 and two Theralac gel structures after 30 minutes exposure. It is at this point, the gel structure is completely dissolved. Theralac after 30 minutes


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