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4 Major Health Issues


1. Mandatory Vaccines (in the U.S., are we kidding, NO).

 Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) ( www.nvic.org ) says:

“Citizens around the world can be easily manipulated by doctors and politicians engaging in fear mongering in the name of disease controls to forward agendas that have more to do with ideology, power and corporate profits than health.”

As crazy as it may sound, it seems the position of our government is that in a pandemic (the WHO has already declared the Swine Flu a level 6 pandemic), that they can forcibly vaccinate everyone. This is despite the fact that the vaccine has not gone through the years of regulatory hurdles concluding it is safe. This is despite the fact that one of the vaccine manufacturers shipped contaminated vaccines earlier this year. This is despite the fact that it is known that some people will die and many will be crippled from neurological diseases from adverse reactions from the vaccine. Even so, it is being heavily pushed. It is already law (under the Homeland Security Act and the Emergency Powers Act) that you can be forcibly vaccinated ! I am not sure how the Bill of Rights supports those laws, are you?



 Call and email your representatives (Congress & Senate) NOW. Tell your friends! Use the finder tool for your representatives at: http://www.congress.org/congressorg/directory/congdir.tt

Fill out the petitions (important to do all 3, and do one for every family member):





2. FDA GMP Health Freedom Lawsuit:

Jonathan Emord, Esq., the distinguished constitutional authority, is preparing to sue the FDA, again.  You may know that Emord has defeated FDA five times in federal court.  More money is needed to fund the suits.  You or your company will remain anonymous and you will not specifically be party to the action.  No industry association is willing to file suit, so it is up to you to defend the industry.

It is anticipated that the GMP (good manufacturing practices) regulations may put out of business 1/3 of the nutritional supplement manufacturers.  If we do not do something legally, the fine print of the new GMP would allow the FDA to pull products and shut down companies for MERE CLERICAL ERRORS. Further, the current regulations from the FDA do not allow for reasonable evidence in presentation of health claims. Even with reasonable evidence, claims for health products cannot be made under current FDA regs.


An attorney trust account to accept contributions for this struggle has been setup. We ask you to give as generously as you can. The names of all contributors to the fund will be kept confidential.

Please send your contribution by check made payable to:

Emord Trust Account, Emord & Associates, P.C., 11808 Wolf Run Lane, Clifton, VA 20124. Put GMP in the memo section on the check. You can also donate on the web at: www.fdalitigationfund.com


3. New Freedom Bills by Rep. Ron Paul, need your support

HR3395 - The Health Freedom Act. This bill removes FDA’s power of prior restraint over all nutrient-disease relationship claims. Under the bill, the FDA may not prohibit any statement concerning a nutrient affecting a disease (including treatment effects) from being made in the market and may only act against a statement once made if it possesses clear and convincing evidence that the statement is false. Presently the FDA blocks an enormous quantity of truthful information concerning the effects of nutrients and foods on disease from ever reaching consumers. That barrier is removed by the Health Freedom Act, but the Act preserves the power of the government to prosecute those who communicate falsehood. The essential purpose of the First Amendment is to disarm the federal government of the power to impose a prior restraint on speech. The FDA has imposed a prior restraint for decades (to the health detriment of the public). Passage of the Health Freedom Act will restore constitutional governance by reasserting the supremacy of the First Amendment over the Food and Drug Administration.

HR3394 - The Freedom of Health Speech Act. This bill prevents the Federal Trade Commission from taking action against any advertiser that communicates a health benefit for a product unless the FTC first establishes, based on clear and convincing evidence, that the statement made is false and that its communication causes harm to the public. Presently, the FTC reverses the Fifth Amendment burden of proof on the government when it charges advertisers with deceptive advertising and then demands that they prove their speech true based on contemporaneously held documentation or be deemed to have advertised deceptively. The Fifth Amendment requires that FTC bear the burden of proving that advertising is deceptive. It may not constitutionally shift the burden to the advertiser to prove its statements are true. The First Amendment requires that FTC not act against speech unless the speech is provably false. It may not constitutionally accuse a party of false advertising yet lack proof that the advertising is false and condemn advertising based on an absence of documentation concerning the truth of the statement rather than the presence of evidence establishing the falsity of the statement.

HR3396 - The Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act. This bill prohibits regulations promulgated from regulatory agencies from going into effect unless passed into law by Congress in the way in which the Constitution designates. Under Article I of the Constitution, the Congress of the United States, our elected representatives, are the ones given the exclusive power to make laws. In violation of the non-delegation doctrine, about 90% of all law created by the federal government is the product of unelected heads of bureaucratic agencies, not our elected representatives. Since 1934, the Congress of the United States has delegated executive, legislative, and judicial governing power to these agencies. The founding fathers warned that this combination would give birth to tyranny, self-dealing, and corruption and would be the death of liberty. Because the unelected bureaucracy makes the laws, the nation has been transformed from a republic into a bureaucratic oligarchy. The Congressional Responsibility and Accountability Act restores constitutional government by returning to Congress the responsibility to make laws, making them once again accountable for the laws to those who elect them.


Call your Representatives DC Office and tell them to support these bills. Mention each one by name/ number. Be respectful and polite. You can use the finder tool at :



4. Food “Safety” Bill HR2749 (House passed) & S510 (Senate pending)

The House has PASSED bill HR 2749, “the Food Safety Enhancement Act of 2009.” The Senate must now consider it and it is S510. Further, the President’s “Food Czar” is an Ex- Monsanto Executive. Monsanto is the world leader in GMO (genetically modified organisms) seeds. Is this who you want influencing our nations decisions on Food Supply?

This bill is a disaster and a farce. It does not effectively reform the food system, but it will destroy small farms with unjust regulations and huge costs, such as: New user fees on food operations of all sizes, as well as substantial, expensive record keeping, hazard analysis, food safety plans on all size farms.

It may even technically make your own garden and car subject to regulation, as proper exemptions in the bill do not exist.

Huge fines & jail sentences for what the FDA decides is “misbranding” or “adulteration”. The FDA’s definitions of these terms are ridiculous, such as a minor paperwork violation is “adulteration”. As another example, the FDA also forbid cherry producers from citing Harvard and other prestigious, peer-reviewed science and said this was illegal “misbranding” of cherries ! That is right up with the FDA calling Cheerios an “unapproved drug.”

The Bill also gives the FDA control of farming standards and practices, which really increases the power of the FDA. Given the tens of thousands of deaths caused each year by FDA approved drugs, and the relentless persecution of nutritional supplement manufacturers by the FDA, I do not believe we want the FDA’s powers expanded. We also do not want small farms put out of business and have only huge Agra-business left. This is Big Agra trying to put small farms out of business the way Big Pharma is trying to put nutritional supplement companies out of business. It also permits the FDA to conduct warrantless, random searches. As many small farmers live and run their farms from their homes, this is scary.

The report from The House Subcommittee on Science & Technology found:

“The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific base has eroded and its scientific structure is weak.” Further that “The FDA cannot fulfill its mission because its scientific workforce does not have sufficient capacity & capability.” Lastly, “The FDA does not have the capacity to ensure the safety of food for the nation.” So there you have it. Should we give the FDA more power? NO !


Call your Senator’s DC office immediately to voice your OPPOSITION TO S510/HR 2749. Tell them to vote NO on any such bill increasing the power of the FDA and hurting small farms. Ask to speak with the staffer who handles food issues. Some points to make in telling your Senator why you oppose S510/ HR 2749:

The bill imposes burdensome requirements while not specifically targeting the industrial food system and food imports, where the real food safety problems lie. Imported food products & Big Agra-business are the real problem !! Small farms and local food processors are not the problem, but part of the solution to food safety; lessening the regulatory burden on them will improve food safety.

S510 needs to be defeated!!   Please take action NOW, once for every family member. Here is a link to find your congressman’s phone number or email:


Fill out the petitions (one for each member of your family):


Please also provide this information to anyone you may know.  Our freedom depends on it.

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