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Effectiveness: MesoSilver® vs. Ionic Silver

The Effectiveness page explained why colloidal silver effectiveness is determined by particle surface area. Because MesoSilver has a much higher particle surface area than any ionic silver product one would expect that the antimicrobial effectiveness would likewise be much greater. The graph confirms the greater effectiveness of MesoSilver vs. the ionic silver product as would be expected based on the greater particle surface area.

The graph below represents the results of testing performed by the EMSL laboratories that compares the antimicrobial effectiveness against E-Coli for MesoSilver and an ionic silver product. Sovereign Silver was selected to represent a typical commercial ionic silver product. The physical properties of Sovereign Silver are very similar to hundreds of other ionic silver products on the market and also similar to what can be made at home using a colloidal silver generator based on an electrolysis process.

MesoSilver vs. Ionic Silver Comparison

MesoSilver 20 ppm was substantial in reducing the number of cells to below level of detection within 24 hours.

The graph clearly indicates that MesoSilver reduced the cell counts to below detection within 24 hours while the ionic silver product was far less effective in its ability to eliminate the cells within the same period. For each product tested a second line indicates the addition of hydrochloric acid (HCl) to the test environment to simulate the amount of chloride present in stomach acid. The reduced effectiveness of the ionic silver in the presence of stomach acid is clearly indicated by the green line.

The complete laboratory report that explains the testing protocol used to generate the chart above is here.

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